MRG Wines AB is a Swedish wine-house who develops, produces and distributes non-alcoholic premium-wines. Our vision is to make non-alcoholic beverages more available and by high quality turn old opinions and norms about non-alcoholic beverages around.

Our beverages has its legacy from old classic handcraft but with a new patented technology we create modern non-alcoholic wines. We have high demands on both our producers when it comes to the production of grapes and on the end products quality and character.. We offer non-alcoholic beverages where the flavors and aromas have had the possibility to grow because of the unique de-alcoholization process. A good alternative so that everyone can gather and enjoy the flavors, scents and experiences!

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About the founder Moa Gürbüzer

The founder of MRG Wines AB is an educated therapist and social worker who have worked with families where alcohol has been a problem. She has seen all the negative sides which alcohol can lead to and felt that there was a lack of good alternatives to alcohol.

– My ambition is to change what is consider normal when it comes to drinking alcohol. The culture around alcohol is that you have to explain why you don’t drink. For me it is more important that everyone feels included and enjoy the company of each other. No matter if you don’t drink alcohol because of your religion, age, are pregnant, drives, sober alcoholic or just don’t want to drink.

– We work hard to produce non-alcoholic premium-wines which taste good and deserves its spot on the dining table. If you would like to have wine with or without alcohol should be the question. Kind of like would you like your coffee with or without milk?”

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Wines with no added E-substances

More and more producers and consumers are getting interested in so called natural wines. Ecological wines have not been given a certification of quality since EU cannot agree on mutual rules and laws for the production of ecological wines.

The food-writer Mats Eric Nilsson, who expose unserious actors in the food industry, have openly criticized processed wines, which odd enough don’t have to have a declaration of contents. At MRG Wines our ambition is to, as far as it is possible, produce wines by a natural process, where the wines gets to ferment slowly and by its own power, for at least a year, instead of adding different additives and de-alcoholize the wine quickly.

We also ensure that our red wines, naturally, contain high amounts of reservatrol; a potent antioxidant which are good for the heart, anti-inflammatory and makes it hard for viruses to get into your system.

For KRAV-certified Gunnebo Slott and Krog in Mölndal, one of the Gothenburg region’s most popular food attractions, MRG Wines products have become an interesting alternative.

- Normally we only buy ecological products and this is not an ecological wine. But this is a very tasteful non-alcoholic wine which is much better than its ecological counterparts and it is free from additives, head-chef Patrik Sewerin explains.